Kasia Kines

There are a few things you need in order to have a good sleep at night when you have a business:
– A good lawyer
– A good accountant
– And …a good IT web designer/troubleshooter.
You have no idea how temperamental some have been. I would never want to work again with the woman that designed my [original] website (and probably vice versa). You have been solid as a rock, always reliable, with great insights, and any piece of work you do for me is right on target. And I know you are there when I need you. You are always professional, tell me when you will be available, give you your deadlines and keep them and you always explain what you did. We pulled it off so fast this time and you had so much patience with the ongoing issues we had. So I feel very lucky that Angie recommended you, how many years ago now! She was right saying that you are the best. 🙂