About Us

The Sterr Bros Team

Sterr Bros is web design and development company based out of Seattle, Washington – but available to work worldwide. We design web pages using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript. Each site is custom-made to your specifications, we don’t use pre-made themes or templates unless specifically requested. Features like slideshows, embedded media, shopping carts, blogs, and more can all be integrated with your website upon request.

We are also available to do various theme, template, and CSS customizations. We can customize your WordPress theme, Ning networking site, shopping cart appearance, newsletter styling, and much more.

In addition to web design, we can also help you with logo design and other graphic design. We create custom graphics tailored to your needs for use on your website or elsewhere.

Maintenance work or updates for your existing website is also available. Please contact us for more details.

The Design Process

We like to work using a very straightforward process. After contacting us about creating a new site, information will be gathered regarding content, number of pages, etc., in order to get a better idea of the type of design you would like. After all of the details have been worked out, we will put together an estimate for the project.

A demo of the site will then be created, and we will have you look through it and suggest any changes that you see fit. We will then work on fleshing out the design with content and making it fully functional. When this fully functional demo is completed, we will have you look through it again to see if any final revisions need to be made. We will complete the final revisions so that you are satisfied with the finished site, and then send the final invoice for the project.

Once your site is completed, we offer on-call maintenance services to keep your site up to date. Additional support is available upon request.